Labor And Employment Law

Issues involving labor and employment law can affect practically any company and any worker. Attorney Santiago J. Padilla has handled many cases over his 25-year career involving a wide range of legal issues that affect both employers and employees.

Mr. Padilla has represented clients in areas such as:

  • Wage and hour claims. These cases involve claims with respect to payment of wages, hours worked, overtime claims, payment of tips, commissions payments, fixed-fee salaries and other compensation matters.
  • Employment discrimination, retaliation and whistleblower claims. These are workplace claims of discrimination based on one or more factors such as age, race, sex, disability or sexual orientation. Mr. Padilla also represents clients facing retaliation by an employer for reporting illegal activities.
  • Employment and separation agreements. This area of employment law deals with the hiring and termination of employees.
  • Unemployment compensation. When employment is terminated by an employer, the employee might make a claim to receive unemployment compensation benefits.
  • Independent contractors. Whether a worker is classified as an employee or an independent contractor can have a significant impact on that worker's eligibility for certain benefits.

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