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Gender Discrimination a Problem in Many Workplaces

According to a survey done by Ranstad US, issues related to gender equality at work can be dealt with by men acting as advocates for it. Furthermore, respondents often cited mentoring programs geared toward women as a way to help achieve gender equality at work. However, workers in Florida and throughout the country may not necessarily know what they can do on their own to create a better environment for their colleagues.

In some cases, those in power may use it to sexually or otherwise harass those of the opposite sex who aren't in positions of power. In situations where a worker sees an abuse of power taking place, it may be beneficial to speak up about the issue. According to the survey, 75 percent said that men being more vocal about the problem of gender equality could help make the problem better.

However, a representative from Ranstad US said that these conversations can be started by both men and women. Of female survey respondents, 25 percent said that they suffered career harm because they turned down a romantic gesture from a supervisor. Younger workers were more likely to say that they were uncomfortable working with or taking orders from those of the opposite sex. Males were also more likely to feel uncomfortable working with the opposite sex.

Federal employment law generally requires that workers be treated equally regardless of gender. This is true in how workers are paid or how workplace polices are created and enforced. If an individual is treated differently based on his or her gender, it may be advisable to meet with an attorney to see what recourse might be available.

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