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November 2019 Archives

5 Things To Know About Commercial Transactions

When establishing a new business in the U.S., you will either need to understand all the regulations governing the formation and operation of the business and the specific rules within the industry in which you operate or hire someone who does. Not operating in compliance with the law or the contract that enforces the agreement between you and other parties sets you up for financial risks and repercussions. A Transaction Attorney like Santiago J Padilla, who focuses on commercial law and provides legal counsel and services to mitigate the risks associated with commercial transactions can provide valuable advice in this endeavor. Here are five things you should know about structuring a successful commercial transaction.

Una Oficina Virtual o un Coworking es Insuficiente para la Categoría de Visa L-1A.

Hoy en día, muchas empresas operan a través de las llamadas "oficinas virtuales" u "oficinas de coworking", ya que se puede hacer mucho trabajo digitalmente o en la nube. Una "oficina virtual" es un acuerdo que permite a una empresa tener presencia sin la necesidad de pagar el alquiler de un espacio real y permite a los empleados de una empresa trabajar de forma remota. "Coworking" es un acuerdo por el cual los empleados de la empresa trabajan en espacios de oficinas compartidas para que la empresa no tenga la necesidad de pagar el alquiler del espacio de oficina. Si bien estos tipos de arreglos reflejan la tendencia moderna de la economía digital, las decisiones recientes de los Servicios de Ciudadanía e Inmigración de los Estados Unidos (USCIS) demuestran que este tipo de oficinas son insuficientes para la categoría L-1A.

A Virtual Office or Coworking Arrangment is Insufficient for L-1A Visa Category.

Nowadays, many companies operate through what are called "virtual offices" or "coworking offices" since much work can be done digitally or in the cloud. A "virtual office" is an arrangement that enables a company to have a presence without the need to pay rent for an actual space and allows employees of a business to work remotely. "Coworking" is an arrangement whereby the company's employees work in shared offices spaces so that the company does not have the need to pay rent for office space. While these types of arrangements reflect the modern trend of the digital economy, recent decisions of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) demonstrate that such types of offices are insufficient for the L-1A category.