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Located in the Miami metropolitan area, the Law Offices of Santiago J. Padilla, P.A., offers comprehensive services for business clients with a variety of needs.

What Is Commercial Litigation?

Almost nothing breeds fear and trepidation in the hearts of risk-averse companies and their owners like the prospect of litigation. Litigation matters that make their way to court are becoming more complex, which means they can be expensive. Being sued, fighting with competitors, and getting into trouble due to a lack of compliance or regulatory observance can be drastic enough to close the doors of business forever. Fortunately, if you need a seasoned Commercial Litigation lawyer in Miami, Santiago J. Padilla is ready to help.

What Is Commercial Litigation? Commercial litigation involves disputes and matters pertaining to litigation that are essential to the core of a company's business and strategy. If a previous employee sued you for wrongful termination, that is not intricately related to your core business and strategy. However, if an employee stole client lists and trade secrets, that would absolutely be essential to your core business and strategy. The latter would fall under commercial litigation.

What Cases Does a Commercial Litigation Lawyer Handle?

A Commercial Litigation Lawyer may focus on a particular area of corporate law or they may operate as more of a generalist who handles myriad case types. General commercial litigation covers common areas of dispute, including fraud, breach of contract cases, partnership disputes, shareholder issues, business tort law, breach of fiduciary duty allegations, and class actions. A successful commercial litigation lawyer will be proficient in analyzing the merits of a dispute and effectively present a position that fits the legal and business needs of the client. This requires skill, solid judgment, astute knowledge of case law, and a strategic mindset.

Additional areas of dispute and litigation that impact our clients include:

● Trade Secrets

● Estate and Real Estate Litigation

● Whistleblower

● Competition

● Compliance and Regulatory Issues

Second Opinions The law office of Santiago J Padilla has experience taking over cases where clients determined their previous litigator was not the best fit for them. We have also taken over cases right before trial. If you are not confident in your current attorney or would simply like a second opinion on your case, we can review it with you effectively and efficiently.

Un-Litigated Disputes

Issues arise in the normal course of business that requires attorney representation, but that does not rise to the level of litigation. Having a lawyer on retainer is highly effective in these circumstances Santiago Padilla can work on your behalf for numerous issues that do not end up litigated, such as cease and desist letters, and third-party subpoenas. This would also cover general legal questions and advice that commonly occur during the course of business.

Why Is it Important to be Prepared for Commercial Litigation?

Litigation happens in a variety of contexts with more frequency, such as court trial, arbitration, mediation, federal or state court, and even administrative sessions. As previously discussed, these settings can cover a broad spectrum of commercial disputes and litigation. As a well-seasoned commercial litigation lawyer in Miami, Santiago J Padilla has experience creating and executing strategic legal approaches to a variety of commercial disputes. As such, he is able to manage and litigate nuanced and complex cases, which protect your business and keep you competitive and running smoothly for years to come.

When You Are Ready

Do not get caught unprepared and scramble for representation at the last minute. Investing in your legal strategy in a proactive way is effective at mitigating risk and ensuring that your business is covered in a variety of possibilities that could lead to litigation. The law offices of Santiago J Padilla place great emphasis not only on successful litigation, but also thought leadership, commitment, and strong client relationships. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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