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Business Immigration Archives

Obtenga una visa de inmigración a los Estados Unidos Comprando un Negocio

Una de las formas más fáciles para que un ciudadano extranjero inmigre a los Estados Unidos es mediante la compra de un negocio en el país, particularmente si el ciudadano extranjero es ciudadano de una nación que tiene un tratado con los Estados Unidos, como Argentina, Italia, Colombia y Honduras entre otros. El Departamento de Estado Norteamericano publica una lista de países que tienen un tratado con los EE. UU., que se puede encontrar aquí: Treaty Countries.

Getting to America to start a business

It seems no matter how the political and economic climate changes in the United States, it is still a land of opportunity for those seeking a new path. Unfortunately, the process of becoming a U.S. permanant resident and/or U.S. citizen can seem complicated and cumbersome.

Visas for Skilled Workers, Investors and Entrepreneurs

There are several different opportunities for employees, entrepreneurs and investors from other countries to obtain visas and live in Florida. Skilled employees who have at least a bachelor's degree may be eligible for an H-1B visa. Another possibility is an L-1 visa. This allows an employee to transfer from a company's foreign subsidiary to a U.S. location.

Are Changes Coming to the EB-5 Visa Program?

Living in America is a dream for many. While countless people wait for visas, many others search for ways to legally immigrate to the United States. You might want to pursue an education in the U.S. Or perhaps you have loved ones living stateside and you want to join them. Although it may take time to get a visa application approved, there are many means by which you could enter the country.