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5 Things To Know About Commercial Transactions

When establishing a new business in the U.S., you will either need to understand all the regulations governing the formation and operation of the business and the specific rules within the industry in which you operate or hire someone who does. Not operating in compliance with the law or the contract that enforces the agreement between you and other parties sets you up for financial risks and repercussions. A Transaction Attorney like Santiago J Padilla, who focuses on commercial law and provides legal counsel and services to mitigate the risks associated with commercial transactions can provide valuable advice in this endeavor. Here are five things you should know about structuring a successful commercial transaction.

Real Estate Investors Urged to Consider Climate Change

When investors in Florida consider the potential of a commercial real estate investment, they are used to taking several factors into account that could affect the long-term value of their stake. After all, many people favor investing in real estate because of its potential to retain and increase value over longer periods of time. Experts are cautioning that climate change may introduce other variables that should also be considered when evaluating a potential investment.