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Posts tagged "Real Estate Law"

Foreign National Seller of Real Estate Must have an ITIN in Order to Sell the Property

Over the last several years, many foreign nationals invested in real estate in South Florida, but never obtained an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number or ITIN. However, that may be a problem when the foreign national wants to sell the property because the Internal Revenue Service ("IRS") requires foreign sellers of real property to obtain an ITIN in order to sell the real property. These rules were implemented several years ago, but we still get foreign nationals seeking to sell their property without an ITIN. This is sometimes further complicated because the IRS will generally not issue an ITIN unless there is a demonstrated need for the ITIN, which creates a "Catch-22" situation.

Contracts with Renovation Contractor are Essential for a Homeowner

Many prospective clients come to my office because they just bought a new home and they are in the process of making renovations, but the contractor is not completing the work or has completed the work unsatisfactorily. I usually ask the homeowner to give me the contract with the renovation contractor, but the answer usually is that they do not have one. This is obviously a huge mistake because without a contract it may be difficult to demand performance from the contractor.

Real Estate Investors Urged to Consider Climate Change

When investors in Florida consider the potential of a commercial real estate investment, they are used to taking several factors into account that could affect the long-term value of their stake. After all, many people favor investing in real estate because of its potential to retain and increase value over longer periods of time. Experts are cautioning that climate change may introduce other variables that should also be considered when evaluating a potential investment.

Condominium Association Must Allow Emotional Support Animal

There have been several recent cases regarding whether or not a tenant or resident of a condominium complex may have an emotional support animal in the face of "no pet" rule in the condominium documents or in the condominium rules.

Condominium Unit Owner May Not be Responsible for Damage Inadvertently Caused to Other Units

Here in Florida, there are many people that live in condominiums and a question that comes up repeatedly is what happens if you live on the 20th floor and wear and tear of the hot water heater (or any other appliance or fixture) creates a water leak that causes damage to condo units below? Who is responsible for the repair?