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The Law Offices of Santiago J. Padilla, P.A. has a renowned reputation among business and real estate clients across Florida because we provide reliable and effective legal representation in transactions and acquisitions. Our business and real estate transactions services complement our immigration services because many foreign nationals come to the U.S. to invest in real estate.

We know how litigious and competitive the business world can be, which is why it is important to have clear agreements with partners, suppliers, and other contracting parties when it comes to business and real estate transactions. 

Our esteemed law firm has handled more than 200 residential and commercial real estate transactions over the last 10 years ranging in value from $50,000 to $18 million. We have served as lead counsel in hotel acquisitions, condominium projects, apartment buildings, warehouses, shopping mall leases, and commercial retail stores. 

From negotiating lease agreements and handling the closings to title insurance and escrow agent services, clients across Florida and from all around the world turn to the Law Offices of Santiago J. Padilla, P.A. to oversee all of their complex business and real estate matters. 

Real Estate Law & Acquisitions Counsel 

The Law Offices of Santiago J. Padilla, P.A. has handled hundreds of real estate transactions, many of which have involved millions of dollars in acquisition values. Our real estate practice covers many issues of interest to Miami-area real estate investors, such as sales, purchases, and transfers of real property; landlord/tenant issues; and rights and issues surrounding real property. 

We also advise international clients in connection with the purchase of real property in the United States. This sometimes involves multinational transactions involving real estate around the world, which means working with local counsel in countries like Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, Chile, and Brazil.

Contact us today if you need assistance with any of the following matters:

  • Residential real estate closings: When a buyer is ready to make an offer on a property, it is important to obtain the advice of a real estate lawyer. We can assist with making an offer, establishing the terms of the purchase, property inspections, and negotiating offer guarantees.
  • Condominium development: We advise clients on new residential, commercial, and mixed-use condominium projects. Such projects usually encompass a wide array of legal areas, including land use, construction, financing, contracts, and condominium law.
  • Commercial real estate transactions: Many of the rules applicable to residential real estate transactions do not apply to commercial transactions. Title examination and due diligence are more complex in commercial transactions. We can help ensure that your interests are protected at every stage of the transaction so that you avoid problems down the road.
  • Purchase agreements, due diligence, and environmental assessments: Due diligence includes performing a survey and an environmental assessment. The survey will be the basis for determining what use the buyer can make of the property. An environmental assessment evaluates the potential environmental risks.

Proudly Assisting Clients with Sophisticated Business Acquisitions & Transactions

Our firm has represented several major U.S. and foreign companies in cross-border and domestic transactions, including business acquisitions, government privatizations, joint ventures, and commercial financing transactions. We have worked on numerous local and transnational projects and transactions, providing comprehensive advice to international clients in connection with the purchase of real property in the United States.

Reach out to our firm today if you need advice regarding any of the following commercial transactions:

  • Searching for a business to acquire: When searching for a business to acquire, we generally advise clients to look for a business where they have experience or where they can offer some expertise. Meet with us to discuss your situation so we can narrow down the search to a handful of suitable businesses.
  • Negotiating the terms of the acquisition: We can assist with drafting a letter of intent to narrow the terms of the purchase. We can also draft and review the purchase agreement to ensure it contains the correct time periods for the transaction and the closing of the purchase, representations of the parties, conditions for consummating the purchase, and requirements of the parties.
  • Due diligence review: We prepare Due Diligence Memorandums for investors to help them identify issues concerning the business and the assets, such as corporate organization, tax returns, litigation, liens and judgments, the premises lease, employment matters, the condition of the assets, contracts with suppliers and customers, the tradename, financing, and inspections.
  • Negotiating the lease agreement: The negotiation of a new lease or the assignment should be a contingency that is resolved during the due diligence period, or it should be a condition precedent to the buyer’s obligation to purchase the business.
  • Closing of the transaction: At the closing of the purchase of the business, the parties will sign documentation, such as affidavits, bills of transfer of the assets, promissory notes, assignment agreements regarding contracts, intellectual property, and other aspects of the business.
  • Taking over operations: We assist new owners with taking over operations of the business. We handle employment application forms for new and old employees and help new owners become familiar with the intricacies of the operations to ensure a smooth transition without much interruption.
  • Working with a buyer’s representative: We work with clients as a “Buyer’s Representative” so that the legal risks and issues in the transaction are covered during the entire process, from searching for the business to closing the purchase transaction. As lawyers, we have a fiduciary obligation to our clients and work exclusively for them in obtaining their objectives and the best deal.

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We pride ourselves on being able to bring a unique perspective to these types of transactions because of our extensive litigation and commercial law experience. Reach out to the Law Offices of Santiago J. Padilla, P.A. today for qualified legal advice and guidance. Our legal team draws from our founder’s vast experience to help guide clients down the right path that will protect their best interests in complex business and real estate acquisitions. We will gladly put our skills and resources to work for you today.

Call our firm at (305) 824-2400 or contact us online to learn more about our comprehensive business and real estate acquisitions services. Schedule your free case consultation today.


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